Baltimore Dating Advice | Examiner.com: There is only one way to deal with a player...Be a coach.

Walter Maxfield Jones is now the Dating Expert for the Examiner.com! Read his first installment. Question: A reader asked, "What factors (in addition to time, of course) should I look for to know if a man is sincere or he's just running game?" The Simple Answer: There are always signs. Are you reading them or ignoring them? Follow your heart but more importantly when someone reveals their true colors, BELIEVE THEM THE FIRST TIME. The Extended Answer: Everyone says that they do not run game or do not want to play the game but the fact of the matter is if you are not playing the game then you are either on the bench with an injury, more than likely a broken heart, so you are not dating anybody ever again! EVER!!!...LOL...or you are losing. If you do not play the game you will get played. If you give too much too soon or are giving a lot more than you are getting in return, you will be taken for granted. If you give too little, then the person may loose interest. Like with any team sport communication is the key. You need to know where your teammates are on the court and that they are playing to the best of their ability. If there is a breakdown or lack of communication you may want to consider putting them on the bench and bringing in a sub...LOL. Whether you are a man or woman, the world of dating is a game of give and take. It is a game of inches. It is like a race, but instead of wanting to beat the other person, you want to end in a tie so both of you win. He steps forward so you take a step forward. The next time you step forward first and he takes a step or two forward and so on and so on. The broom is the finish line and you want to jump it together. Walt's Words of Wisdom: People can only do whatever it is you allow them to do, get away with whatever you allow them to get away with, and treat you the way that you allow them to treat you. Simply put, you train people how to treat you the way you want to be treated. Whether or not he is running game is really not the question. It does not matter if the player is trying to play you. The question is whether or not you can step your game up and decided if you can train that player to play the role you want him to play on your team. There is only one way to deal with a player... Be a coach. April 7, 2011 Baltimore Dating Advice Examiner
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